If you have broadband – I highly recommend watching Guerilla News’s series ‘Unanswered Questions from 9-11’. You don’t have to agree with everything to wonder about all of the threads and connections and coincidences that collided that fateful day. I was entertaining the whole ‘Bush knew’ thread and thinking to myself that no one on this earth would have thought that both of those building would have come down. The planes crash, you have a minimum of deaths, some video footage to launch perpetual war and we all go home and drink petroleum. Or I entertain the ‘explosions in the building’ theory and wonder how come the buildings fell exactly straight down (structurally it makes sense though since the core of the skyscrapers held the weight of the building – and distributed the rest of the weight along the outside – like a stretched skin). I wonder if the PATRIOT ACT was just another Gulf of Tonkin resolution.






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