UK Gallery Bans Air Kissing

Thank God, someone is putting an end to all this goddamned air kissing. I think it’s so faux-nouveau when people air kiss me. Even worse is when someone is presumptuous and kisses you on the lips. Acquaintances cannot kiss me on the lips. Friends and family and of course Ron, fine.

That was the one good thing about the meningitis scare on the north side last summer.

The idea behind the unusual launch party is to “demystify the cult of the new British arts graduates – bringing the work of the next generation of artists to the public…” [N]o guests will be able to ask the fat content of the canapes, while comfortable clothing will be the order of the night. Anyone caught looking over the shoulder of the person they are speaking to, in the hope of finding someone more interesting or important to talk to, will be told off for rudeness.






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