Two Towers Tips

Go rent Two Towers and watch it. If you haven’t seen Fellowship of the Rings then do that first.

This is epic filmmaking at it’s best. George Lucas should bite on the cyanide now because Peter Jackson and crew have raised the bar for movietelling and put his McDonaldland Star Wars Salesmachine to shame.

Tip: Watch it with the subtitles turned on. There are so many names, places, territories and allegiances that the movie is more comprehendable with the subtitles turned on and since it’s in widescreen the subtitles don’t obscure the image. I didn’t know that when Smeagol is coughing he is really choking on the word ‘Gollum! Gollum!’

Gollum’s schizo scene is so goddamned creepy and the foreshadowing at then is so shivery.

I think I have to watch the battle of Helm’s Deep again before my conference call.






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