Sitting here at Brooks and Heather’s house. Heather and Mom and Dad are at Garden Ridge right now. They have been there for quite a while now. Our thanksgiving turned out a little strange. We went to one place and it turned out that there was a one and a half hour wait and then went to the Belle Mead Cafeteria where we stood in line for probably a half hour to go through a cafeteria line. It was a little unconventional. Next year I’ll try to get them up to my place and we’ll go some place where we have reservations and don’t have to wait.

Getting out of the city is always so motivating. I feel renewal and a since of making December the month where things really start to happen. Usually that means I start off like a soldier and burn-out by the first week.






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    Thats soostrange to me, goin out on a holiday when for me the family gets to gether and makes their usual dishes of potato salad, turkey , bean salad etc… very unconventional, but soo many people with different lifestyles and traditions i supose.

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