tuesday, october 30

So sleepy. Did a ridiculous thing yesterday. Ron was waiting to get called in to sit on standby all night so I ditched work early, got a haircut and went to dinner with him. Then he went to O’Hare and I went home – got a lot of work done on a database for a website. Then he called at 10:30 and he’d been released so I met him at his place and we had later dinner. Woke up at 7am to get to work. Very sleepy. He’s out all of today…

Had a good weekend. Heather, Brooks and I went to the Jack Daniel BBQ Festival in Lynchburg, TN where all the BBQ recipes have Jack Daniel’s whiskey in them. We also toured the distillery which is quite amazing. They filter their whisey through 14 feet of pine charcoal to get it extra smooth. I have a much better idea of how whiskey gets made. Still prefer vodka though – I’d love to tour the Absolut distillery but I bet it stanks to high heavin’. We had good ribs and pulled pork samwiches though – I think pulled pork is a funny word. Zzz. Otherwise, it was a quiet weekend and it was just night to be around my sister – I now have a pre-occupation with kitties and condos! They have a great house… yeah, the front is still sort of retro but it is a very comfy house full of lots and lots of books and cats. We watched The Giftwhich rocked and Raising Arizona which remains one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen – and it gets better each time you see it. Son, you got a pan’y on yore head. Heather also gave me a massage – she learned about the back and the backs of the legs this past week in her training. She did a great job. She does those cool strokes where it feels so good and continuous that you can’t tell what parts of the hands are being used. Yay Heather! They even allocated a room in the house for her massage table and she’s got all the fruity oils and candles – but much better massage music than the usual Douche Commercial Hit Parade.

I just remembered how my old girlfriend Amy and I thought ‘pussy’ was such a gross word. We’d say ‘C’mere ya pussay!’ to entertain ourselves. I will never forget our frantic game of Hide the Hickey when her room-mates came home and no one knew then that we were commingling. Almost had to play Hide the Hickey one of the first dates Ron and I had but luckily my knit shirt fell in just the right place on my neck.

Just bought tickets to see Margaret Cho in two weeks The Notorios C.H.O – Ron and I are going to go together. She’s partially the reason I met him – he was reading her book and that was my inroad to striking a conversation with him.






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