tuesday, november 6

Home working today. Seriously. I have a laptop now and had to test my remote connection. I love it. I can answer emails and take care of crises with the sun shining in the front room. Heaven. Woke up early and went to the gym for arms day then came home and started running errands. I’m about all of the way through them. Going to go to Kinko’s to make some copies for my agent mailing. Current weight is 157 – I’m gaining! Gotta go buy some more Isopure today. I’m taking three of those bad boys a day – that’s a lot of protein… yikes. Did some gym shopping this morning – not going to pay $75 for Crunch now that my 2 year deal is over. Looked at two gyms up by me… might look at World Gym on Montrose – that’d be on the way to work.

Was thinking more about my sissy-rant yesterday… I think what drives me nuts is I can’t stand people that play weak-victim. Or those that fulfill their stereotype… I can hardly stand demure-ness in women much less demure men. Argh.






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