tuesday, march 6

from CNN:

A federal judge ordered the song-swapping service Napster to remove all copyrighted material from its system, a recording industry group said Tuesday.

Don’t they realize that there is no copyrighted material on the Napster servers? That the Napster site doesn’t have the songs on it’s servers? This just shows that they still aren’t understanding the technology – that Napster only has the titles of the tracks in the music directories of the users that are currently logged on at that time. If you never read the Discover article on Napster I highly recommend it.

There must just be a special cadence programmed into the voices of many women that I find repugnant. Two broads just met in front of my cube – one had been on vacation and they both had to say ‘HI!’ in a high-pitched falsetto. Yick. I am so damned tired and it’s only 1:30 – I gotta get outta here.






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