tuesday, march 27

Oh – and Brigitte’s mom gave her a decongestant called StaMoist. It is pronounced STAY-MOIST evidently – not stuh-MOYST. It’s a very commanding name for a pharmaceutical if you ask me.

You simply must see this: How to Dance Properly. Plus he’s got some pretty cool Flash animations and this neato sketchpad.

From: Andy
To: Karen, Brigitte
Subject: No soup.

I emailed the guy I was supposed to go out with last night yesterday saying
that I was looking forward to meeting him and blah blah blah and I mentioned
I’d had a couple of lukewarm dates last week and so he’d better be
entertaining and he better put out – smiley face. Evidently he didnt’ get my
deadpan humour and cancelled the date emailing back how disappointed he was
in me and that he was a top and what would he be putting out anyway and if
I’m gonna be a player I should look for other guys to play.

That’s right y’all you heard it here: I’m a player.


From: Brigitte
Subject: Re: No soup.

As Monica would say, you are a Playa from the Himalayas.






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