tuesday, june 5

Word to the wise: When you are at Sam’s Club and you see the big sack of veal patties put it back. Put it back in the freezer case and shut the door. You don’t need 15 veal patties. You live alone. You really aren’t going to be able to eat them all. Even if you freeze them and eat one or two every other day or so. You will begin to feel that you are eating Cruelty Patties but the guilt of disposing of the baby moo-moo seems even more egregious. Step away from the veal patties and no one will get hurt.

Hee hee: Slutblog has deemed me spongeworthy!

Oh God. Lisa and Scott – two of my high school chums who got married just had a baby girl. She emailed me a picture – what a beautiful little person. I think my paternal hormones just started churning again.

Today’s weather totally fucking sucks. It’s like 9 PM instead of 9 AM. It has been like this for the past two weeks. I’m going crazy. Er.






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