tuesday, july 10

Read through of Sinister went great last night. We have a fun cast with a nice collection of voices and manners that made the lines fun to hear out loud of the first time. I was so relieved. I breathed a collective sigh as everybody left – this will not be the play where everyone figures out that I’m just a two-bit hack. I think it is part of the terror of creativity – that you’re gonna be ‘found out.’ That someone will expose you for the creative 98-pound weakling you know you really are. This of course contrasted with the reality of previous successes that if an attitude adjustment is made you realize that it is a good predictor for future successes. Trying to figure out how to put a nice twist on the first plot in episode three – the second plot does a great little Rod Serling pop – trying to figure out how to do the same with the stalking plot. It will be fun working with a cast of all new actors – except for Sarah – this is my fourth play working with her – fifth if you count Mierka’s show… she helped break the collective ice of the evening. And Karen as always, by my side, my producer always the voice of reason and calm while my little brain is spinning in overtime. I’ve noticed that about my anxiety – that part of the reason I’m where I am today is because my brain seems able to take an idea and just sort of spin around it and compile layers of detail and analysis very quickly. So when I get a worry or concern my brain does the same thing – I spin out all possible (worst case) scenarios and before I know it I’ve figured out how I could stroke out in the middle of a meeting on learning management systems.






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