tuesday, february 27

Raccoon eyes are ebbing. I’m sitting here on the phone waiting for Gateway Tech Support to answer the fucking phone. C_____’s modem isn’t even picking up the phone to see if there’s a dial tone. This is such complete bullshit. I want to tell her to just go buy a Dell machine and be done with it. This is bullshit. I restored the hard drive back to 2/15 and nothing! This is insane. And the worst part is is that this is really not my problem.


This is nuts. Turns out there’s a patch for the modem – hmm – the modem stops working after 2/21/01? WHAT?! That makes no sense to me – and why 2/21/01? Who chose the date? Was it there in case modems got out during their testing phase or something? That is just insane. What’s double-nuts is when I go to Internet Explorer on C_____’s laptop and I’m typing in the URL to download the patch and IE pops up the address for the page. ARGH! C_____ had obviously been to that page but didn’t download and install the patch. So I installed it and rebooted and now it’s working. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.






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