tuesday, february 20

Yeah – I haven’t finished folding and hanging up all the laundry I did on Sunday. Yeah. I know. I need more hangers to hang up all the proper stuff. This always happens. I try to get enough hangers when I know I have everything clean that might need a hanger – but I find I always I need more hangers. Lynn Russell is on CNN Headline News with perfectly plucked eyebrows and Fuck-Me red lipstick – I wonder what kind of stylists they have on duty. The Dale Earnhardt death hits me in many ways – I am sad for the families and fans affected by the tragedy but at the same time I wonder about the ethics of making such obviously dangerous endeavors a sport. I had the same feelings of ‘well – duh – no shit’ with the death of Chris Farley – here we had an obese drug-addicted sociopath that was praised for exhibiting those very qualities and we act so shocked and sorry over his death. I have little pity for those dedicated to self-destruction. That’s why I find it hard to get into movies where everyone’s a drug addict or a self-defeating asshole – I can’t empathize with people who are hell-bent on their own immolation. I have no empathy for people my age who are fucked up and fucked over. We grew up with so many support systems around us and all the knowledge of a mass-media machine that there’s no reason I should have to pay for people’s stupid life decisions. But that’s just me on my priviledged high horse. And I think I mis-spelled ‘priviledge’.






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