Topless Tapas

I got to bed super early last night and so I’m now awake at 3:33 in the morning. Half of the support team is onsite this week so we all went out to dinner last night to a tapas bar.

RON (in Orange County): What did you have for dinner tonight?

ANDY: I went out with the support team. We went to a tapas restaurant.

RON: Topless?

ANDY: Tapas.

RON: A topless restaurant?

ANDY: Tapas. You know. Small things on lots of plates.


ANDY: Right.

I was skeptical that I’d leave full. I always see tapas as an excuse to convince people they are eating a lot while exchanging plates in front of them several times. Usually you are living a lie but in this case we had a pretty good stream of goodies including buckets of fried potatoes.

Came home to catch the last half of the first night of the final Idol finale. I think Archuleta has it. Though it doesn’t really matter. ‘There can only be one American Idol.’ I always silently add ‘This year.’ when I see that. Or ‘It doesn’t matter, they’ll both still have huge careers.’ It doesn’t really matter. Archuleta is completely harmless so is a perfect canvas on which to graft the American Idol marketing machine. David Cook is a good singer but he just does not seem at all distinctive. And where oh where is Taylor Hicks?

The more I think about moving to a more neighborhood-y area the more I am convinced that will be what happens in November. Now that I’ve had some changes to walk around Castro (I hate calling it THE Castro just like I hate calling the avenue along the Bay THE Embarcadero – plus I still think of Fidel – with Castro not Embarcadero). The neighborhood is calmer than I thought it would be. I was advised during dinner to begin looking now for a place to move in for November.

The cats are running around in the living room doing their morning laps. I’ve already cleaned the cat box today – that is how awake I am at 3:43. They are reaching the end of this batch of litter and I absolutely hate that our Walgreens is so far away and I have to drag a box of kitty-gravel several blocks for these furballs. But I love ’em.

I have been re-visiting some of my book ideas in my head and there’s one that has kind of been orbiting my brain for years now. It is a bit nutty but I feel like I have to try it out. I have a wonderful sub-title picked out.






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