Top 10 Censored News Stories of 2005

Project Censored is back with their picks for the top under-reported stories of last year:

  1. White House erodes open government.
  2. Civilian death toll of Fallujah
  3. Distored election coverage, hackable voting machines
  4. Surveillance soceity unveiling
  5. US uses tsunami to military advantage
  6. Saddam raked in oil profits from Jordan and Turkey – with US approval
  7. Journalists in danger
  8. US sets criteria for Iraq farmers: use Monsanto
  9. Iran’s oil market shift from dollars to euros could cause dollar to plummet
  10. Mountaintop removal in Appalachia decimates ecosystems

More and more I think it is less a liberal media bias or a conservative media bias – the bias is pro-military and pro-corporation.






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