Too Much

Kitty had been hiding under the bed all day. At first, I thought he was annoyed that I kept playing Marilyn Manson’s cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ over and over again. I just bought it on iTunes today (along with Bjork’s Medulla).

He seemed content and yawned and purred under the bed.

Then I realized I hadn’t checked his litterbox since yesterday morning.

I think he was on a catbox strike. He must have swiped a bran muffin when I wasn’t looking. I remembered reading online that cat’s are really sensitive about their territory in that respect.

Astro is a clean freak.

My sister is recommending I get Astro a playmate – she said that he’ll be less likely to bite our hands and ankles if he learns better ‘play-fighting’ with a buddy. We’ll see – she and her hubbie are coming up in a couple weeks to play.

I thought a good name for the other cat would be Cosmo. So it’s like astronaut and cosmonaut. That or Destro. But wasn’t that the bad guys in GI Joe? Nah – that was COBRA. Who had Destro?

(five minutes later)

Destro character from GI Joe (property of Hasbro).

Never mind. Destro works with COBRA:

DESTRO is the chief weapons supplier to the COBRA organization, and a man of raging inner conflicts. Although he finds the aims and methods of COBRA COMMANDER to be distasteful, he is obligated to deal with him for the sake of family business.






5 responses to “Too Much”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    I dont see that you linked me yet ?

  2. Andy Avatar

    Gotcha. Thanks for the ping.

  3. Alan Avatar

    Like almost anything in life, I think two kitties are better than one. We have two — they’re litter mates and I think they make life far more itneresting for each other, especailly since we’re gone so much. By the way…love the Destro reference…I hadn’t thought about GI Joe in a long time, now I have visions of Destro, Dr. Mindbender, and Serpentor running through my head.

  4. Jef Avatar

    I don’t understand cats. I took my fleece hooded jacket off and put it on the couch for a moment and she comes instively thumping in the room as fast as she could and hurled her three-legged body on it. She proceeded to reach over and clean herself, but she leaned over too far and rolled off the futon. Fleece hooded Jacket, $14.99. Cat-powered entertainment, $0.00.

    Let me know what you think of Medulla. I love Bjork, but when I listened to it at Tower, I just couldn’t get into it.

  5. Cheryl Miller Avatar

    I LOVE cats and kittens (and dogs). I’d love to link you to a short video on cat/kitten snafus and send a funny kitten graphic image, but I’m sure I can’t do that in comments. I’ll send them to Andy and see if he wants to post them in any way.

    My old cats (18 and 16) and my old dog (12) have died in recent years and what a hole that leaves. I still have Jasmine (7) a white German Shepherd who is a weewee bit incontinent when she sleeps.

    A little kittie is beginning to sound appealing. Cheryl

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