To The Hole

Ron and I went dancing last night. We’ve been pretty unimpressed with Circuit since the influx of yuppies into the condos next door have forced them to turn their volume down to barely enjoyable bass-thumping. And Roscoe’s just seems to be suck lately so we took a chance and went to Manhole – I hadn’t been there in two years. the bar was empty and we were the only ones on the dance floor and the music was great. Sort of like having your own private club. We danced for about an hour and then had quick late dinner at Melrose and then came home. I was up early this morning on the elliptical trainer and then home to make scramble eggs and et cetera. Got to the grocery and wen to a used bookstore and then came home and took a nap. Only worked one and a half days last week – had a really bad cold all week that I finally seem to have slipped away from.

Been reading a fascinating collection of essays published by the ACLU about the effects of war-time on civil liberties in the United States. I didn’t know, for example, that the Japanese-American internment camps issue went all the way to the Supreme Court. It is also revealing to note that the Constitution talks about the right of everyone to life, liberty et al – not just citizens. And where does that fall with our military tribunals and detainees.

Had another audition for an armed forces commercial – maybe I should go into the Marines Reserve.

Heather is strongly recommending I seek a corporate gig right now to get myself out of The Day-Job. I have half-way finished my work resume.

I love Lisa Simpson – she just wants to go to Brown and be academically challenged. I feel for her.

I’ll be backloading my blog with entries I’ve been putting on laptop.






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    the Universe is calling …….law school……dan

    Sweet child of mine, I miss living right up the street from the Manhole. That billboard never failed to put a smile on my face.

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