To: Mario:Nice pitcher… makes me

To: Mario:

Nice pitcher… makes me want to go tan a little – I haven’t been in couplea months – just a little color makes me feel a little more lively once the sun stops shining – and I think helps combat that seasonal condition where you think you’re going to pull your toes off with tongs if you don’t see some UV rays. That or shave all your body hair… haven’t done that in awhile… Maybe I’ll fake bake tonight… hmm… gotta fold the laundry though. ARGH.

I think my theory of grocery shopping is trying to never buy food that I’m gonna eat on my diet-free day – that is, not buying cookies to save them for the weekly-eat-all-I-want-so-my-body-doesn’t-think-it’s-starving thing. But I end up attacking the cookies or (even better) jumbo bag of Lime Tostitos (those muthafuckas are amazing). So I got lots of proteins and whole wheat stuff last night at Dominick’s. One of my buddies likes to cruise the boys at Dominick’s out west of the city. So yeah – we drove 40 minutes. Not many cute guys though.

I’m realizing that my life would be alot easier if I had a Palm VIIx
🙂 At least that’s what I keep telling everybody around me.

I love my Palm V. I am a tech toy whore, you see. Palm V, Nextel cellphone, Korg keyboard, Dell pc, Wega TV, DVD player, portable Minidisc… Sony’s my daddy. I even have the cable to check email on my Palm V using my Nextel cellphone to call. I love portability. Practicality – what’s that? Next on the toy list: DV camcorder, scanner… my friend Alan and I call it Filling the Void when you use material goods to make yourself feel better – ‘swhat this country was built on! America is all about not waiting in line and my way right now. Goddamn right! (wipes tears to avoid staining American flag)

SoooOoooo, how is the ad thingy coming along? Lots of replies?

Not really no. I wonder if the Brainiac part is throwing guys off. I just have no time for stupid people. You’re my only quality response so far – literate, down-to-earth and sexy when sweaty. Some guy sent me a pic of his cock last night (do we really need to be THAT direct?) and then this 21 year old was aloof on a chat but that’s it so far.

To: Mario

Yo there. Just got in from the doc – I had to get a CAT scan of my sinuses – they might be ripping out my tonsils – I’m over-prone to sinus/throat infections. I was expecting it to be very traumatic like that machine they pin Linda Blair’s face into in The Exorcist. It was very quiet and serene. Oh well – maybe next time it’ll be more life-scarring. Took a taxi in and I’m back at da desk at da job. Got grosseries last night – I’m stocked up. Now I just have to fold my laundry – one of the worst tasks in the world. I think I’d rather push nails through my eyes than match socks and YES I KNOW I SHOULD SAFETY PIN THEM TOGETHER. Sorry – was that out loud (in print? in type?)? Finally found my current favorite club song on Napster – Dive in the Pool – I could never figure out what the fuck the singer is saying till I could listen to it at a reasonale volume. That song is so fucking primal I love it – I have to jump up and down and rip my clothes off whenever I hear it. Very tribal. Got lots and lots of soy milk at Dominick’s and even some tofu – that’s what I get for dating an asian guy a couple of weeks ago. Oh schwell – I’m outta here. Or stuck here.







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