To : AndyFrom: ________Subject: CooterWhy

To : Andy
From: ________
Subject: Cooter

Why is it that all my insane stories must involve a period, mine or someone
else’s? So I am full fledged bleeding 10 days early and I have nothing here. I
tried the machines at the gym and received nothing. Fine, I’ll get one from
the machine at the hotel. The employee bathroom’s is out of order and the
bathroom downstairs is locked. Shit. I bummed one from E___. Now I know I
have a full box at home and besides that, I have two dollars in my pocket
which won’t even give me the Walgreen’s special 10 pack. 10:00 am- I find
a quarter in my bag and run down to the now opened ladies room. I put my
quarter in and the thing won’t turn. I fiddle with it to get it unjammed
and turn the crank. Stuck. I fiddle some more and in the process of getting
the crank to turn I break my thumbnail off. Now I am not only bleeding from
my crotch but also from my thumb. And what tops all of this off? A
feminine product did not emerge from the machine. I must now beg E_____ for something. So I have one more product for the 11:00
changing but I think I will have to mooch off someone else before the day is
out. What a mess!






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