Title for a Blog Post About the Wonder Woman Movie

“I’m just going to directly quote a Tumblr post that cropped up on my dash recently because it so perfectly encapsulates my feelings on the matter: Why Is It So Hard For You To Make A Wonder Woman or Black Widow Origins Movie You Pieces Of Shit ‘We Don’t Have The Money Or Resources’ Is That Why You’re Making Another Hit Batman Movie As If We’ve Never Seen One Before Wow What An Original And ‘Dark And Edgy’ Idea I Hate You: A Memoir. Seriously though. I am so, so tired of women getting sidelined as ‘bonus’ characters in wish-fulfillment stories. It’s like we’re incapable of having female heroes unless the story is about how they are dragged out into the spotlight to save their loved ones and it’s a gritty story of suffering. It’s not that those heroines are less worthy in any way, but just freakin’ ONCE I would like to see a giant blockbuster asskicking movie that is pure wish fulfillment with a woman superhero. I don’t understand why this is so freakin’ hard for Hollywood to understand. And no, side characters getting to kick ass do not count. Pepper Potts’ role in Iron Man 3 was great, but the movie is ultimately still all about Tony Stark all the time. tl;dr– all I want for Xmas is a Black Widow origins movie (1). 1. That’s not all about How Sexual Violence Made Natasha Who She Is Today because I swear to sweet Christ I think that’s the only acceptable backstory for women sometimes “SHE’S SO BROKEN YOU GUYS LOOK HOW BROKEN SHE IS.” (via Metafilter)





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