thursday, september 13

I feel so terribly ignorant: Inevitable ring to the unimaginable

IF the attacks on America have their source in the
Islamic world, who can really be surprised?

Two days earlier, eight people were killed in southern Iraq when British and
American planes bombed civilian areas. To my knowledge, not a word appeared in
the mainstream media in Britain.

An estimated 200,000 Iraqis, according to the Health Education Trust in London,
died during and in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter known as the Gulf

This was never news that touched public consciousness in the west.

At least a million civilians, half of them children, have since died in Iraq as
a result of a medieval embargo imposed by the United States and Britain.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Mujadeen, which gave birth to the fanatical
Taliban, was largely the creation of the CIA.

The terrorist training camps where Osama bin Laden, now “America’s most wanted
man”, allegedly planned his attacks, were built with American money and

In Palestine, the enduring illegal occupation by Israel would have collapsed
long ago were it not for US backing.

Far from being the terrorists of the world, the Islamic peoples have been its
victims – principally the victims of US fundamentalism, whose power, in all its
forms, military, strategic and economic, is the greatest source of terrorism on






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