thursday, march 29

From: Brigitte

Karen already knows this…

Just had another tampon incident. I put the thing in, pushed up the
applicator and pulled out only to find the cotton was still in the
applicator, not my hole. I couldn’t fix it so I had to do it the OB Way.
It’s weird now and I can’t cope.

To: Karen, Brigitte
Subject: Peter

Had an excellent date last night. I’d forgotten what a good date was like. I like Peter a lot. He’s very sweet, handsome, smart and creative and he’s a great kisser. Nice lowkey evening concluded with 2+ hours of clothed cuddling. I want to enjoy this process. And on his bookshelf: Peter Brook, Grotowski, Stella Adler and The Artists Way. I think I’m in love.

From: Karen
Subject: RE: Peter

You can never be in love with a man named Peter…or I will always say “nice
peter” to him….:)

Rock on! Did you meet him online?

To: Karen
Subject: RE: Peter

Nope. Richard introduced me to him no Sunday. Peter was the star and director of the dance number Rich was in. Peter also does drag sometimes – and I was really concerned when Richard was telling me about him – I thought why is Rich setting me up with some kind of arrogant over-fagalicious drag queen. Peter is very even and fun.

You can call him Petey.






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