thursday, march 15

I feel better now. Reading this review was like having my guts ripped out by a taloned hand. My first reaction was very very personal. Others that have read the review said it was as if the critic had some sort of vendetta against me, that is was just a very mean-spirited review, that this guy didn’t come into the theatre to have a good time. I had a huge headache as I slept on the bus ride home. Had dinner with Karen and I started to get over it. Lately I’ve had a lot of ‘what am I doing’ type energy and Karen and I came to the conclusion that I’d either be doing my art and being mad it wasn’t where I wanted it yet or not doing art and resenting that I wasn’t. She figures we just have to get accustomed to this vicious circle. Maybe she’s right. And sitting in the audience tonight I still laugh at the plays and the audience around me is definitely having a good time. Maybe I just need to get back to entertaining myself again.






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