thursday, june 7

I’m buzzing. Richard and I went to go ‘look pretty’ at an opening party for the new W Hotel on Adams. We went and had free drinks and loiunged around trying to look as trendy as possible. We had dinner at Thyme which rocked and then danced at Roscoe’s for a bit. The three cocktails I’ve had tonight are working their magicks and I must retire to slumber.

Veal patty count: 4 patties.

I seem to be getting popular again… Amy over at Tart Thoughts has linked to me and so has Sovaj. Thanks y’all! Reminds me I need to get my old blog list back up on this thing.

Now this is offensive:

Dog Owners Want to Spend Day as a Stray: Battersea Dogs’ Home has been inundated with calls after it offered a couple the chance to spend a day living like stray dogs.”

Don’t we call this being homeless? Oh that’s right – the homeless aren’t cuddly cute and obedient to their masters. This pisses me off.






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