thursday, july 5

Boxing rocked this morning. I’m not as sore as I was last week. Still kicked my ass though.

Once again, I see one of my ‘big ideas’ already being done and successful. Dammit!

Yesterday was probably one of the best days of the year. It was so nice to be out in the weather all day and it was plenty sunny. Karen, Lingo and I got to the beach at 10am to reserve a spot for our cookout – the place was already packed. Obnoxious assholes had their trucks taking up to three parking spots at a time to reserve them (this drive me nuts and had me screaming inside the car). Luckily we followed the cop in and so people started moving their cars to take up just spot at a time. I had packed the cooler with all the sodas left over from my plays in March as well as Coronas and a bottle of wine and a bottle of chardonnay I was trying to get rid of. Also brought bratwurst to grill up as well. It was so nice to be in the sun all day – used lots of sunscreen and only a small patch (where I can’t reach) got burnt. Even braved the waves in my square cut navy Speedo – I felt naked with it on. Very strange. Immediately put my shorts back on once we got out of the Jesus-Christ-It-Is-So-Fucking-Cold Lake Michigan. Buck Naked and Dave Shameless came and did a guerilla concert for us, too. In all about twenty people joined us throughout the day for grillin’ and swillin’. Everybody got along – no intrigue, no undercurrents. Then after that party we went to Jen and Jason’s for more grilling out and blowing shit up (Sarah and Scott had driven to Indiana that morning and bought a bitchload of fahr-werx). A day leaving me happy and proud of and lucky to have this wonderful group of friends around me.

My proofs from my headshots look awesome – I’m very pleased. Lots of different sides of Andy. Very pleased. Mr. McConkey does it again.






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