thursday, august 23

Just got off the Metra train after going to see Sweeney Todd in concert at the Ravinia Festival. George Hearn, Patti LuPone and Neil Patrick Harris were in the cast. Sarah brought the munchies with two of her boi-friends. I got drunk before the show even started as we laid a blanket out and stuffed cookies and chips into our maws. The score for this show never ceases to blow me away. Such detail. And I have the score memorized – at one point Patti forgot her lines and I knew exactly where she was and what the lyrics were – or I noticed George Hearn start in to a vamp on a song a half a measure too early. And so operatic without relying on boring recitative. I have stolen much off this play and it’s original staging by Hal Prince. I even wrote a Sweeney Todd rip off in high school called Gehenna Boulevard… very sick stuff – I could play the score right now too – it’s all in my head.






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