Thirst and Water Privatization

Ron (who has a closeted love of PBS) and I watched Thirst a documentary on the global trend of water privatization. Essentially, multinational corporations are trying to control the very essentail elements required for health and life to exist – all under the guide of cutting profits and saving money.

The documentary was absolutely fascinating as it followed citizens in California, Bolivia, India and Kyoto trying to mobilize their communities to fight this enroachment of corporate power. This is an example of the damaging effects of globalization – often short for ‘pillaging’ and the way that it can come home to roost in a very very real way.

There are some things that I think are fundamental rights. Not even a fundamental human right – a fundamental right as an organism. And one of those is clean potable water. Do you trust the same idiotthought that Enron was created around to govern something as basic as water. Do you want the company that governs the health and availability of water governed by it’s shareholders and investors – or your health?

All I know is the first time I hear ‘water privatization’ and Chicago mentioned in the same sentence – I’m gonna flip out.

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  1. You can write this down. The next, or perhaps last, epic global conflict (and in comparison, Iraq does not even show up on that global radar scope) will be over water and/or food.

  2. Like I said – imagine all the bullshit with Enron combined with the dependence of OPEC. Now apply that to the water comming out of your kitchen sink.

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