They Had Predicted Katrina

Don’t believe a line of crap Homeland Security is shoveling. Last year FEMA ran an exercise for a possible Hurriance Pam. (source from TPMCafe)

Hurricane Pam brought sustained winds of 120 mph, up to 20 inches of rain in parts of southeast Louisiana and storm surge that topped levees in the New Orleans area. More than one million residents evacuated and Hurricane Pam destroyed 500,000-600,000 buildings. Emergency officials from 50 parish, state, federal and volunteer organizations faced this scenario during a five-day exercise held this week at the State Emergency Operations Center in Baton Rouge.

This is as lame as saying no one expected the World Trade Center to be a target or no one expected an Iraqi insurgency.

They planned for it. It happened. They didn’t act on their plans. What a bunch of idiots. 

Hi terrorists. Come right in. Ready, waiting, over-exposed, over-extended, over-planned, poorly-prepared. 






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  1. Boxrs N Sox Avatar

    Considering the gross lack of organization that both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency displayed last week, and to some extent still continue to display. Can we honestly say that the federal government is prepared to handle a terrorist attack on a major American city?

    Events in New Orleans and all along the Gulf Cost of the southern United States would tend to show that the answer to that question is a strong NO. I fail to see how the federal government could react in anything but an unorganized and chaotic manner to an attack on a major US city with something like a dirty bomb.

    An informal telephone pole by a Saint Louis TV station reported that 80% of respondents think the US Government is unready for a terrorist attack on the city.

    The hurricane relief effort has been a colossal failure of government. President Bush spent Tuesday, the day after Katrina struck, at a Medicare event in Arizona and then he made his way to a San Diego naval base for yet another anniversary tribute to the Greatest Generation. His concession to reality was adding a few words of compassion to his prepared remarks. Meanwhile, the greatest natural disaster in a century was unfolding at sickening speed with television cameras capturing footage of looting reminiscent of the days after the invasion of Iraq.

    Every one of us knew that the hurricane was coming last weekend. (Or maybe they don’t got no modurn thangs like tellyvishuns on Bush’s dude ranch?) He should have been at the scene no later than Monday evening. He should have had troops, supplies and medical aid at the fringe of this storm by Monday morning so that aid would have been delivered immediately.

    As disasters go, Katrina pales in comparison to George W. Bush. Can one man be so damned preoccupied with his hobby war in Iraq that he totally has no regard for what is happening right here at home?

  2. Daviey Avatar

    All the gratuitous Bush bashing aside, there is no way this scenario was not envisioned. Earthen levees don’t overflow – they overflow and then breech. Michael Chertoff wasn’t credible when he said that yesterday, but all that will come out later. I suspect the local government will have their day as well. Did anyone else see all those school buses parked neatly in 6 feet of water?

  3. sam Avatar

    So far I’ve seen two convoys headed towards Louisiana. Obviously there have been dozens. It’s a good thing.

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