There's Something About Marrying (The Simpsons)

Nelson Muntz saying Ha Ha.

I thought that gay-marriage episode of The Simpsons was a total cop-out – not as bad as the Joe Millionaire false-ending cop-out but more along the lines of a Chris Carter X-Files ‘end of one season tease to movie and then not answer anything and tease to next season and still not answer anything’ cop-out. The best line was:

Marge: As long as two people love each other I don’t care if they have the same hoo hoo or ha ha.
Nelson: (suddenly appearing from offscreen) Ha ha!

I thought I would list my favorite Nelson Ha-Has.

  1. Ha ha – your mom changed. (Marge becomes a body builder)
  2. Ha ha – you’re nocturnal. (Nelson sees bats at the zoo)
  3. Ha ha – you’ve been usurped! That’s right, I said usurped. (Something with Principal Skinner, I believe)
  4. (To the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony) Ha-ha-ha-HA! Ha-ha-ha-HA! (History lesson with Bart as Mozart, Lisa as Salieri and Nelson as Ludwig Van)

Bonus line:

Willy: No! That’s my retirement fat!






5 responses to “There's Something About Marrying (The Simpsons)”

  1. bw Avatar

    My favorite line from that episode was when Homer was kissing himself and saying “Oh, I love you Homer.” “Yes, and I love you too Homer.”

  2. Beastmomma Avatar

    I actually thought the episode was pretty good.

  3. David Avatar

    I didn’t think it was a copout at all! Other friends of mine expressed your opinion as well. Patty rejected the man and declared she liked girls! Plus, we got to to see Homer make love to himself- what more could you ask for?

  4. Beastmomma Avatar

    To add to my profound statement from yesterday (sorry I was a bit sleepy and overwhelmed with work), I would also say that I enjoyed the news debate between Homer and the Reverand Lovejoy on the merits of marriage. My favorite line from that was: “Marriage is about green for blue. By green, I mean money and by blue I mean in my pants.” << I am paraphrasing. Also, I thought it was a good twist and reapplication of the rhetoric and language that is used against gay marriage by others.

  5. ashley Avatar

    Perfect pages… tnx

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