There is No Evil

Anybody else catch Larry King tonight?

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9 responses to “There is No Evil”

  1. Jake Avatar

    WHAT?! I don’t know, have you seen the current cover of Time magazine? To me, she’s the epitome of EVIL.

  2. David Avatar

    Dude- I can’t listen to this that at work. You are now officially in our beloved Blogs link. That’s like GOLD, baby!

  3. myke Avatar

    ann coulter is ABSOLUTELY the epitomy of eeee-vil

  4. RcktMan Avatar

    Happy Birthday… and great audio post. Sometimes it’s easier to express thoughts vocally… especially when something nags at you like this did.

  5. Fausto Fernos Avatar

    Happy Birthday Andy!!!
    Big hugs to you from your podcasting pal Fausto.


  6. Fausto Fernos Avatar

    My imaginary friend is better than yours. She took at shit in your flowerbox.

  7. sam Avatar

    I think these shows Larry does are just sensationalism. I mean I guess that’s the nature of his show anyway. They all sort of dismiss Chopra as some sort of generic mystic. It makes me angry.

  8. Aaron Avatar

    Ann Coulter really DOES have an Adam’s Apple, you know…and a penis, which she bungees back…

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