The Pussification Of The Western Male

We have become a nation of women.

And Kim du Toit launches into a noisy screed on how American masculinity has been co-opted and castrated and essentially turning us all into little girly-boys.

Because of course:

  • Women are only less agressive men without dicks.
  • Women with the right to vote only create coddling, intrusive legislation.
  • Being a man is about guns, self-defense, politics, beautiful women, sports, warfare, hunting, and power.

I want our culture to become more male.

Since the top-grossing movies week to week aren’t action packed pyro-fests or titty-teasing comedies with stupid jokes?

You know what? Some women deserve to be single moms.

Oh and yeah Rumsfeld. There’s a real man. A lying sack of shit ritually sacrificing young men and women for the greater gain of his corporate pimps.






One response to “The Pussification Of The Western Male”

  1. hw Avatar

    What a frickin’ idiot. Guys like this are pissed off that they can’t be the “real men” they want to be because now women stand up for themselves, take no shit, and give it back when they get it. He’s got his &*& up his &*(&.

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