The Little Red Riding Hood Who Cried Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in the Sheep House

Ron: You know honey, it’s like in Little Red Riding Hood where she hears about the wolf in the sheep house.

Me: There’s no such thing as a sheep house. (Is he thinking ‘fox in a hen house’?)

Ron: And Little Red Riding Hood hears about the wolf wearing sheep’s clothing and runs to grandma’s house to tell her about it. But nobody believes Red Riding Hood because she’s always crying wolf.

Me: No. You’re mixing three separate fairy tales. The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Red’s grandmother was sick, that’s why she was taking her the food and why she went into the woods.

Ron: No she wasn’t sick. She was worried about the wolf eating the sheep disguised as a sheep. Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I’m sure! They are Grimms fairy tales from the 1600s.

Ron: They are not.

Me: (Long staring look, trying not to laugh) You’re being inaccurate!

Ron: I am accuracy!

(long pause as Ron tries not to make eye contact with me and then he finally looks over and then much laughter)






4 responses to “The Little Red Riding Hood Who Cried Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in the Sheep House”

  1. David Avatar

    I thik you and Ron need to do a Podcast sitcom. Every time I read something Ron says I swear I hear you as Eddie Albert and him as Eva Gabor.

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Remnds me of a friend who always messed up famous stories. He once went to a costume party dressed as “Little Boy Peep.” When asked if he remembered the nursery rhyme he replied, “Little Boy Peep, come blow your sheep!”

  3. JB Avatar

    Wow, you guys own at this game…

  4. Rocco Avatar

    Hi there

    Could you help me with something? Do you know how can I do those links that say “Continue reading…” as I don’t want my messages to be very very long and I would like to write it on another page?

    I wouldn’t mind a tip or two.

    Thank you xx

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