The Liberty Restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina

We went to eat at The Liberty which one of my co-workers had recommended. Every restaurant here no matter how fancy is required to have a sports bar set up in their main bar. There’s just too much fandom for NASCAR and basketball to not have those amentities for the sports-going crowd. We sat at a table in the bar. Ron started off with a really really good butternut squash soup. Then he had beef short ribs (as he said ‘Look it’s served on white bread!’) that were also quite tasty. I had the chicken and dumplings with the twist that the dumplings were formed like gnocchi and added a completely different texture than what I was used to in a dumpling. Before that I’d had a really refreshing greens salad with sliced apple and a little block of goat cheese on the side. The goat cheese was breaded and fried and the sour/goat-y taste went well with the vinaigrette and the salad.

For desert we split a chocolate lava cake which had a crust and gooey center like a creme brulee. It came with a little glass of Grand Marnier that I quickly chugged. I really have never had a ‘dessert wine’ and had alwasy assumed it would be sweeter (like a dessert) rather than a bit more muted (to compliment the dessert). I had a similar mix up back in the days when I thought coffee cake had coffee in it instead of being engineered to go well with coffee. The cake also had a nice chunk of vanilla ice cream.

We’ll be going to the Liberty frequently. The decor is warm and cozy and hopefully next time we’ll be in the dining room where it is less sports bar.






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