The Fallen Priest

Been listening to ‘The Fallen Priest’ from Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe’s Barcelona which I’ve waxed about before. This particular song is a duet between a priest and his mistress and is a great example of build-up, pacing and release – all in matter of minutes. I love the lyrics:

Priest: Why do I believe in you? You’re destroying my world. Hold nothing back. Give me all there is: I want it all.

And then later on the mistress sings back with:

Mistress: Come a little closer to the fire to love and live that one desire, denial of that love is treason. The love that we make. The force of our lives and it’s reason

I mean – isn’t that just fanastic?







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  1. Aura Avatar

    It certainly is… Actually the “Barcelona Gold” completion where it was featured is one of my all time favorite albums with artists like Anita Baker, INXS, Madonna, Luis Miguel, Eric Clapton and of course Jose Carreras & Sarah Brightman who perform the magnificant finale “Friends for Life”.

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