The Carlyle Group

Fascinating documentary on The Carlyle Group. If you don’t know who they are then it’s definitely worth a viewing. 48 minutes, streaming RealMedia. (Wikipedia entry)






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  1. seyd Avatar

    Excellent, will definately look into it… I am not sure but I remember watching something similiar on Free Speech TV ( ).

    You don’t think Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter aren’t on advisory boards, out making speeches for big bucks? If you’re going to criticize Bush, at least be fair and criticize all the former Presidents and their activities…

  2. Andy Avatar

    Go for it. Tell me what boards Clinton or Carter is on that have any of the same reach and influence as The Carlyle Group.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Found one in Amy Goodman’s new book: Piper Rudnick with former Senator George Mitchell and Clinton’s former Secretary of Defense William Cohen along with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

  4. MiKK Avatar

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