The Best Super Bowl Broadcast Ever

Would star the Muppets:

“As glorious as that would be it still pales in comparison to the idea of the Muppets taking over the entire broadcast. Make it a separate PPV if you must.

Just imagine:

  • The opening of the show to the Muppets theme song “It’s time for the Super Bowl Tonight!”
  • Pregame tailgating with the Swedish chef.
  • Miss Piggy performing the national anthem.
  • Kermit and Fozzy doing sideline interviews.
  • Sweetums leading the cheerleaders.
  • Beeker and Honeydew doing sports science.
  • The Muppet Band (Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem) for the half time show itself with Weird Al.
  • Sam Eagle on play by play.
  • Waldorf and Statler on color commentary.
  • Gonzo during the halftime show being launched out of a canon.

There is not a person young or old that this would not hit as a demographic. Children friendly and there wouldn’t be a worry of anything being censored.”

Full thread about public support for GWAR doing the half-time show

Image is a production still from the The Muppets.





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