The below post will be

The below post will be updated soon – once my post I revised to email to my home email makes it through our goddamned firewall at work. Come to think of it – none of my emails I’ve sent myself have made it through yet. Ruh-roh.

Crazy past few days:

The company I work for laid of 1,850 people on Wednesday – a 10% reduction in workforce. I was not in this round (I pretty much knew that already). Part of me wanted to be laid off just to give me the kick I feel like I need to get my ass out of this company and get my life back on track.

Ron and I celebrated three months of dating. I recently joined Ballys and we’ve been working out together. Though going there in the evenings when all the Beautiful People come out to play is enough to give one an eating disorder.

One of my best friends flipped out and ended up in a mental hospital. He’s still there. He said: ‘Either I’m bi-polar or I’m a god walking the earth.’ I assured him it was probably the former. He says he only has the manic side – I told him that’s why we work so well together (I’m the depressive)… this is his second time in the nut-house… he seemed stabilized and a little more balanced than he was a week ago.

It is amazing to me my shifts in esteem and attitude on a daily basis. I think it is working where I work. The rage of corporate working can go one of two ways – it can enrage you into action or pummel you into submissions. I vacillate (oscillate?) between the two. I just want to come home and sleep all night.

I got a call-back to host a TV show.

I spent too much time with Ron this week. I know I did. It’s because he got released for Monday and Tuesday. I need to make sure I’m not using him to keep from Taking Care of Bidness or Doing the Lord’s Work.

Came out to one of my co-workers today. She’s building a personal coaching business and I mentioned that no one seemed to be touching on LGBT side of things – she’s attacking the black-community side of things. She said: ‘How would you be able to approach them with that?” I explained things. She was all surprised. That’s so funny. I mean I don’t swish up and down the cubicles with a big rainbow shirt but I figured the lycra/cotton blend shirts would tip her off.






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