That Scraping Sound

I keep seeing the preview for Kangaroo Jack and this movie looks like such a worthless piece of garbage. It’s one of those previews where you see it and you can hear the entire viewership of the United States groan in unison. And you can immediate encapsulate the movie upon seeing the first five seconds: a computer-generated and wisecracking kangaroo runs off with a sack of money (indicated by the obligatory token minority sidekick screaming: ‘AND THEN HE HOP AWAY!’). Hilarity probably doesn’t ensure through a constant stream of fart jokes or maybe even masturbation cracks.

Then there’s National Security. How much longer can Martin Lawrence milk his tired act? He’s gone from 2% to half-and-half – this new shit is pretty much total milkfat.

Thanks to everyone that N******nated me for a Bloggie – unfortunately, this year I didn’t make the final list of N******nees. Again, celebrity eludes me once again.

This morning I swore I was going to move to San Diego this fall. It’s bad enough that it’s 30 degrees below zero but that seems to be the absolute only piece of news that local anchors report. And the constant iteration of the word: ‘brutal’. Can’t they just say: ‘it’s frigging cold outside and you’re going to hate living in Chicago today’.

Just did the dishes. Teleclass @ 8pm.

Need to go to the gym and do my coaching cold calling. I’ve been putting it off for awhile now. Mainly because I don’t want to hear the word no. Trying to re-frame it as: the first few calls are going to awkward and clunky but by the 50th call I’ll know exactly how to answer everything.

My blog is officially syndicated now in XML format so if you use a news aggregator like Radio Userland or AmphetaDesk or NewsIsFree you can grab the newsfeed at

I’m not too happy about the frontpage of the blog right now. Need to get it refocused into pure CSS and layers and make the graphics look cooler. Plus there’s no larger pic when you click on the thumbnails of me – I also need to scan in a lot more pics and stuff.

In and out again: “A controversial marketing consultant who once called AIDS a “gay plague” withdrew his name from consideration for a presidential advisory panel on Thursday after news reports of his anti-homosexual stance.”






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