Thank God! The server is

Thank God! The server is back up.

HOLY FUCK! Lords of Acid to do a in-store appearance. This event will take place in Chicago, IL at Tower Records on 2301 North Clark Street. This event will take place at 7:30-8:30 on March 2nd.

My dad sent me a Valentine’s Day email signed ‘dan the valentine man.’ How sweet!

FUCK YEAH! I just bought my ticket to the Lords of Acid concert. ROCK ON!

When will I learn? When will I stop depending on people who obviously can’t deliver on the simplest requests or deadlines? When will I stop pretending it’s okay that you haven’t followed up with me for six fucking months? By staying in these abusive friendships I hold myself back from progressing and growing. Fuck this shit.

You know what totally rocks? That after I get a bill and pay for February insurance with (employer) I get a notice a week later saying that my coverage ended January 31st. Isn’t that great? So I called to get it extended – even if it ended up I’d be paying more and they can’t covert a group plan to an individual policy. You know what that means? I’m royally FUCKED for my surgery. And I’m still waiting to get my Blue Cross/Blue Shield information. Isn’t that great? I am so enraged right now. Oh my God. I am livid.






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