Texas Board of Education Continues to Make Your Kids Stupider

Keep in mind that Texas is one of the main guides for textbooks published across the entire nation:

The standard was about the Enlightenment and political revolutions that led to modern liberal democracy. So they removed the Enlightenment references and Thomas Jefferson, who played a key role in the two most prominent revolutions in the history of the Western world, and replaced them with Thomas Aquinas, who lived 500 years before the Enlightenment, and John Calvin, who lived 200 years before the Enlightenment and was a major figure in an entirely different period of history, the Reformation, which preceded the Enlightenment.Yes, you should, in fact, be mouthing the words “what the fuck” right about now.

And better:

The Texas State Board of Education today refused to require that students learn that the Constitution prevents the U.S. government from promoting one religion over all others. They voted to lie to students by omission.

Texas BOE Removes Jefferson From History Standard


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