Temple of White Socks

Remember how Richard Dreyfus remakes Devil’s Tower with mashed potatoes and then with his lawn furniture?

While I had my back turned, kitty had dragged four pairs of white socks from the bedroom and arranged them on the rug in the main room.

When I woke up this morning I wondered why I hadn’t put all the laundry away. Nope – the cat is communicating with the astral plane.

I have to take a brief few minutes and points out the best use ever of a quote from Poltergeist.

Joe My God’s (sexually explicit) blog post including the phrase STEVEN NOT YET!

Also: Has anyone seen the Go Daddy commercial with Miss Perky-Tyats and the mechanic. I swear he is going just take her right there on top of that car. It seems less horny and more sexually-assault-esque.







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