Take Away His Badge

I just realized I’m missing the Tony awards.







6 responses to “Take Away His Badge”

  1. Jonah Avatar

    OMG!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! F**K!! I knew there was something I had to record this week while at work… DAMN IT!!! Hehe ok I’m ok now… hehe..

  2. palochi Avatar

    I was a bad gay. I forgot it was on and watched some HBO premieres instead. “Entourage” season two was fairly good. I’d never seen the show before and I think I’ll add it to my regular watch list for now. However, Lisa Kudrow’s “Comeback”… painful.

  3. Andy Avatar

    I really haven’t tracked the musical theatre scene in years. I used to be so tapped into that whole madness.Not lately.

  4. moby Avatar

    Tony got some awards? For what?

  5. palochi Avatar

    Tony Soprano got an award? Fuhgeddaboutit!

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