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  • How The Civil Rights Act Shaped Modern American Politics

    “No other factor since WWII affects us more.”

  • US Welfare State vs Everywhere Else

    Comparing the social safety nets.

  • A Welfare Office Worker Clears Up Common Misconceptions

    A welfare worker challenges idiocy in a Reddit thread: “Firstly, it’s barely any money. It’s pathetically small. If you’ve heard of people making 40k on Welfare, they are a rare exception who get it because of bizarre newsworthy loopholes. Everyone I saw today in the welfare office was pretty unhappy, and desperately poor. I literally (no, […]

  • Don't Let Them Eat Cake

    “My family always received SNAP and TANF benefits…. and as long as mom didn’t trade too many of our bennies for cash, we could buy fast and easy garbage food with SNAP so that us kids could leave her alone and feed ourselves. I was never taught how to do anything remotely like “cook an […]

  • The Great Backlash

    “The Great Backlash is a style of conservatism that first came snarling onto the national stage in response to the partying and protests of the late sixties. While earlier forms of conservatism emphasized fiscal sobriety, the backlash mobilizes voters with explosive social issues-summoning public outrage over everything from busing to un-Christian art – which it […]