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  • When CBS Humiliated Judy Garland

    “I don’t want that c__t bringing down my Sunday evening.”

  • "Paula Deen's Style is Part of the Problem"

    “I hail from the swampy fug of Beaumont, TX. My father grew up there amid open racists who were otherwise the salt of the earth. He grew up in a segregated world, with black people working as house servants and expected to be second-class citizens, calling Brazil nuts “n- toes” and all the rest of […]

  • Why Nancy Grace is a Miserable Shrew

    “Don’t forget the way she harped incessantly on the Duke LaCrosse case, repeatedly calling them rapists and insisting they were guilty, confronting everyone who stated otherwise or withheld judgment as being rape apologists. …¬†Or the Danielle van Dam case, where she repeatedly flat out fucking lied all over the air – even after being corrected […]