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  • Why The Great Old Ones Make You Lose Your Sanity

    “This hateful, hungry god of a creature is between being a glimpse of a writhing horror, and a horror that watches unseen.”

  • A Glorious 'Benjamin Button' Takedown

    A thorough skewering: “Written by Eric Roth, writer of Forrest Gump, the thing read as though a studio executive had come to Roth with the conceit – a man ages backwards – and the assignment to turn that conceit into Forrest Gump 2. Mission sort of accomplished. Consider: a southern boy born into a body […]

  • Peter Parker's Impossible Mantra

    “You see, the mantra With great power comes great responsibility is a complete abstract, so amorphous in nature it can be applied to nearly anything. …┬áThe advice from Uncle Ben was incomplete, and certainly he could not foresee the things that were to come for his nephew. … Spider-Man is stuck in this incomplete, pubescent […]

  • Superman is a Sun God

    “It’s the mythology of a sun god who wished he was a man because he saw something so great in us. It’s the story of a hero who could move whole worlds and see through stars and hear a whisper on the other side of the planet… who fell in love with a storyteller. It’s […]