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  • Jack Skellington and Cultural Misappropriation

    “When I explain cultural misappropriation to children, I use the example of The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

  • How Girls Learn Emotional Reciprocity (and Why Boys Don't)

    From that same Metafilter discussion: “Adolescent female friendships are LEGENDARILY difficult and drama-prone. And they are! Being an adolescent girl and navigating the emotional landscape of female friendship is hella hard! It’s not just media hype to sell Mean Girls narratives! But I think the narrative the media wants to attach to it is “girls […]

  • Dating an Emotional Charlatan

    From a Metafilter discussion about modern dating and emotional labor: “A few years ago, one of my friends began dating an accomplished lawyer who made good money. He was charming and generous. He 100% seemed like he had his shit together and could keep up with her. He cooked for her occasionally and his home […]

  • Critical Thinkers vs List People

    From a Reddit discussion about parents realizing their kids aren’t that bright: “One group is like your first two kids, critical thinkers, self empowered types. Show them the concept, talk about the goal and they’ll pick up the pieces and run with it. … Group 2 I call the list people. The didn’t want to hear about […]

  • Chinese Seniors and Life After Deng Xiaoping

    “In two decades you go from being excited about your first Panasonic radio to cynically comparing the benefits of an Audi vs. a BMW.”

  • Good Groups, Bad Groups and Gender Representation in Entertainment

    “Imagine never seeing yourself in media. Imagine only seeing you as a sidekick or a hot reward.”

  • When Men's Rights Advocates Misread Feminism

    “The men’s rights movement misunderstands feminism. The claim of feminists is not that men have all the privileges and women have none. Only the most banal, liberalized, and co-opted forms of feminism even bother making the claim that women are more oppressed “on average” than men. While certainly true, it really misses the point. You see, […]