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  • The Sung Dynasty Roots of 'Bambi'

    The Chinese artistic traditions at the heart of Disney’s ‘Bambi.’

  • Casual Misogyny Within Living Memory

    “I find examples like this heartbreaking. Think of the millions of women who were explicitly barred throughout their entire lives from pursuing the full spectrum of professional and creative endeavors that were open to (white) men without question. … This sort of casual misogyny happened as a matter of course within living memory. Well into […]

  • Pixar's Peril

    A Redditor predicts the downfall of Pixar: “None of Pixar’s films should have sequels, and the only reason why Toy Story does is because of Pixar’s original deal with Disney. (I wish I could find the article that I read that in but I can’t, so either Google it or call me a liar.) Toy […]