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  • Jonathan Franzen's Shtick

    “It seems like everyone wants to get on the Jonathan Franzen bandwagon of being a cranky contrarian about innocuous things people like. In unrelated news, my new book, Puppies and Kittens Are Giant Assholes is coming out soon. Enjoy the chapter about how butterflies are racist and don’t courtesy flush.” via Steve Almond vs. Jon Stewart […]

  • The Einstein of Rape Jokes

    “I really want to believe that there should be no sacred cows in comedy. That a comedian should be able to tell jokes about any subject, no matter how difficult, no matter how much that subject might push my buttons, or anyone else’s. But if you’re going to venture into a subject as difficult as rape, […]

  • Damaged Male Comedy

    “I had an inkling that standup had some boyzone problems but it wasn’t until I started plumbing the depths of PNW open mics that the full scope of the problem came into focus, the extent to which the Damaged Male dominated this artform. I would warrant that any of you could go to any open […]