Tag: capitalism

  • How Intel Killed AMD

    Intel paid PC manufacturers out of its own pocket for years to not buy AMD’s chips.

  • Chinese Seniors and Life After Deng Xiaoping

    “In two decades you go from being excited about your first Panasonic radio to cynically comparing the benefits of an Audi vs. a BMW.”

  • Pushing Crumbs Around in The Sharing Economy

    “They want us focused on pushing our crumbs around our plate that we don’t notice who the hell has most of the pie to begin with.”

  • Comparing Americans' and Chinese Attitude Towards Their Government

    “In China, no one really approves of the style of governance, yet no one question the idea that the government is extremely effective in accomplishing its objectives”

  • The Most Evil Lie

    “The idea that work – that is, doing things that you otherwise wouldn’t do in exchange for money or resources – is intrinsically and morally good is possibly the greatest, most successful, most evil lie ever fashioned by our culture. It is so deeply and fundamentally embedded in the foundations of society that we can’t…

  • Local Business vs Megachain

    “Because the local store is more likely to recycle its profits into the community, rather than shipping them off to a CEO on the other side of the country. Because while efficiency is good for stockholders, it is generally bad for employees. Local businesses tend to employ more people than a big box. A hardware store…

  • Regime Change is Not Revolution

    “Plutocracy’s an easier sell when people can aspire to step over their neighbor’s corpse to join it instead of that ‘we’re all in this together’ bullshit.”