Swan Finale (Second Season), The

Would you think less of me if I told you I watched The Swan?

Would you think even less if I told you that Ron and I watched every episode?

How about if we taped the finale/pageant since he had to work?

Would you think less of me?

Okay – how about if I told you that Ron and I watched the finale a second time?

I like how Amanda (the host) says that Rachel (last year’s Swan) will now take her final walk as The Swan when she only took one other walk – the one she did last year when she won. The Swan and American Idol point to these invented awards and identities that are concocted instead of coming from some sort of tradition. I think if Miss America wants to get ratings again – they should integrate Idol, Swan and their traditional programming into a three month program – it would bring an old institution into a new light methinks. Miss America needs some of that voyeuristic trainwreck that makes Swan and Idol so gripping and a truly guilty pleasure.

I think I might send it to my dad since he likes beauty pageants as much as we do.






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  1. Terrance Heath Avatar

    Think less of you? Gee. That would violate my “Andy can do no wrong” policy….. 😉

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