Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

Meet John Roberts

  • Most importantly, "He has a good heart."
  • Counsel for Reagan and Bush I.
  • Denied civil rights of 12-year-old girl handcuffed and chained at a DC train station for eating a french fry.
  • Opposed effort to allow minorities to argue voting rights.
  • Argued that public high school grad ceremonies could include religious ceremonies.
  • Argued that Endangered Species Acts doesn’t override interstate commerce law.
  • Helped argue that doctors and clinics receiving federal funds cannot talk about abortion.

Okay. I guess it is about time to get that underground railroad started.






5 responses to “Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts”

  1. Velociman Avatar

    Good God, he sounds perfect!

  2. Lingo Avatar

    I’m really scared. I don’t know how else to say it. Despite my fear of the direction this country was headed, I think I have been in a sort of denial that things couldn’t possibly get that bad, even after the election. Now, I am incredibly scared. If Roe V. Wade is overturned, I really don’t know if I could stay in this country. Not becuase I want to kill a lot of fetuses, it’s just what else will become of women in our society. I guess I was in denial. Now I will just live in fear.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Heh heh. Velociman: you hush! 😛

  4. myke Avatar

    The problem with this guy is that most of those things you state about him plus many others were the result of him arguing as an attorney for a former repub administration. It can be (& will be) argued by the repubs in the Senate that most of that was simply doing his job — as in arguing the viewpoint of his boss. This does, in essence, make it harder to pin down his personal views .. especially as he hasn’t had near as many opinions from his short tenure on the appeals court that were directly relative to social and/or environmental issues. I think this was the primary reason why Bush chose Roberts. It was quite a shrewd choice actually. He’s know for being an intellect, is highly thought of in legal circles, and sailed thru his appeals court appointment with little dissent from either party. Coupled with his low appeals court volume of opinions, he will very likely sail thru confirmation

    One hope — you never know what such a candidate will do once on the Supreme Court. Once there, they are no longer beholden to any ideological faction and then can pretty much go the way they want. Souter, Stevens .. even O’Connor are good examples of this.

  5. Andy Avatar

    Great points, Myke. We’ll see if he chokes on Roe v. Wade questions.

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